"Art and Culture is the best way of life"



COMAC it is an institution committed to the artists to the development of art and culture at the global level, on the basis of the sustainable goals of the UN, who fight for education, work, examinations, progress, democracy, peace and justice through Art and Culture as the best way of life.


The World Congress of Art and Culture, COMAC, arises out of genuine interest to contribute in the creation, consolidation and dissemination in the field of the arts, the social sciences, humanities, and of course scientific, as well as: folklore, music, dance, theatre, gastronomy, among others, of art and culture in Latin america and Spanish america and the world.


With the great mission centered on the values of humanism, its commitment to the centrality and dignity of the human person, to be leaders of positive action that will transform the society and culture through projects and companies, innovative artistic, looking for the common good, the truth, the significance, the beauty, and the artistic quality international.



Social Development

The social scene is transformed into a Canvas where they represent stories of overcoming, resilience and transformation. Creativity and artistic expression become catalysts who spark the awareness and encourage dialogue, giving way to a society in constant growth. In this canvas, the social, the art of coexistence is manifested through the intersection of individual experiences, creating a composition that is in constant change. Social development, then, is revealed as a work of art in continuous creation, where every citizen is an artist, and every interaction is a touch that contributes to the richness and complexity of society.


Art is the eternal dance between imagination and reality, a canvas where colors of the soul are intertwined in a visual symphony that arouses emotions asleep. Is poetry silent of creativity, where each stroke, each note, each form is a single expression that takes place in the canvas of time. Art is the dance of the brush, the melody of the brush, the sculpture of the emotions, is the echo of the mind expressed in each work, an invitation to an introspective journey where the aesthetic becomes a mirror of the human essence.


In this vast landscape art, culture becomes a dialogue between the past and the present, a canvas in constant evolution that captures the essence of a community. Every artistic manifestation is a unique language, spoken with the fluidity of the creativity and the depth of the story. The culture, in its most artistic, is a visual testimony and the sound of human complexity, a sublime expression that transcends language barriers and brings people together in celebration of their diversity.

"Art and Culture, as fundamental pillars of the human experience, offer a way of life that is unparalleled. These elements not only enrich our existence, but also shape our understanding of the world and of ourselves. Through artistic expression and the immersion in diverse cultural manifestations, we find not only entertainment, but also a way to explore the complexity of the human condition. This trip not only connects us with the creativity and beauty, but also invites us to reflect, to question and to discover new perspectives. In this context, we will explore how Art and Culture become the guides essential for a full and fulfilling life."

Edwin Salgado Villarreal

“We are in this profession by vocation, not a business; a calling that requires constantly sacrifice, devotion, love and passion towards the society.
To fall to a level purely businessman, his influence goes away and the true light of life is extinguished. Must work with a missionary spirit, guide, avatar and teacher with a breath of love in order to overcome the small jealousies of life”.

Dr. Amin Cross

Dr. Amin Cross

CEO, president, founder 

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